Ggplot error message for shape file st_transform.sfc cannot transform sfc object with missing crs

Hello epi community,

I wrote the following code to produce a plot map using a shapefile in the format of:


I was able to import the file with no issues, but when I wrote code to plot the map I received the following error message:

#Plot Points

ggplot(data = LA_county_hospital_data_sf) +

#Plot health district boundaries

ggplot(data = Health_Districts__2022_) +

#plot using the health districts map

ggplot(data = Health_Districts__2022_) +

ggplot() +
geom_sf(data = Health_Districts__2022_, fill = “white”) + # plot the boundaries first, white color
geom_sf(data = LA_county_hospital_data_sf) # plot the points on top of the boundaries

#error message
Error in st_transform.sfc(X[[i]], …) :
cannot transform sfc object with missing crs

What caused this error and how do I fix it?

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Hi, @carmong

To help you better, could you please share a reproducible example of your data and code?
Check out this link How to Post an R Code Question.

We look forward to helping you


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