Syndromic Surveillance Community

Dear Applied Epi Members,

I am hoping to start a conversation around syndromic surveillance with epidemiologists who have experience analyzing syndromic surveillance data. Specifically, I am wondering if there are any epidemiologists on this forum who are onboarded or currently in the process of onboarding to BioSense and plan to use R Studio to extract data from BioSense.

If you are not on BioSense but have worked with syndromic surveillance data before, do you have any resources for creating definitions for conditions? Our team is about to start extracting and analyzing syndromic surveillance data from BioSense for norovirus, and was hoping to use this post as a way to gain an understanding of others’ experience working with syndromic surveillance data or BioSense. If you have any resources or reports created with syndromic surveillance that you can share with us, that would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate any insights, resources, or recommendations that you can provide. Thank you in advance for your help.


@beansrowning perhaps you can connect @wilma.figueroa to the NSSP crew?

Can do! I’m back next week from vacation and will inquire who might be the best contact.