Surveillance package

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I am reaching out to inquire if anyone regularly utilizes the R package “surveillance”. While the R epihandbook provides an excellent tutorial for Outbreak detection, I also came across this tutorial. However, I’m eager to learn from individuals who have experience in implementing this package for ongoing surveillance and detecting outbreaks/aberrations. Any insights, such as code, tips, or additional tutorials, would be greatly appreciated!

My objective is to explore various approaches and examples of its use, complementing the classic endemic channels.

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I have worked with the surveillance library. It is very useful because has many algoritms for Outbreak detection (and other tools for surveillance like adjusting delays, back-calculation etc.), but it has a problem, well it is not a real problem, it works with two special types of objects named “sts” and “Disprog”. Both “sts” and “disprog” are objects as the time series and these work diferent to the dataframe. So for automatization report you should change it.

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