Measuring prevalence and incidence


Apologies for insisting on the prevalence, but … How do you measure prevalence (all cases) and how can you measure incidence (new cases)?

Hello, @want2useR I hope you find the following useful

The methodological approach to measuring prevalence will be to conduct a survey of some sort. You will need to decide on the following aspects: 1) what is your target population for whom you are trying to calculate a prevalence estimate? This will need to be defined specifically before starting. 2) Are you interested to only calculate the prevalence of self-reported disease (people asked will tell you if they have the disease in question), clinical disease (i.e. diagnosed by a trained healthcare provider) or would you like to like to have the prevalence of laboratory confirmed disease (i.e. all biological samples to test for disease are taken at the time of the survey). The choice of the target group and the way in which you ‘count’ the disease status of the survey participants will impact on many other methodological questions: sample size, sampling strategy, implementation approach etc.

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