Kobo and R integration

Hi everyone,

I use Kobo often for surveys and data collection in humanitarian settings, and I would be keen to learn about templates or R packages that are used to smoothly integrate Kobo and R.

Do you have any tips or leads to share? Or, how can this need/space be better met by those working on developing R tools for people like me?

Thank you for your discussion and tips

Hi @epi_dude

There are quite a lot of good packages coming out for interacting with KoBo

Applied epi has been working on Rmarkdown templates for survey analysis using the Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF) standardised survey dictionaries - which are all in KoBo.
These are still work in progress but more info can be found here.

Another great package that allows you to interact directly with KoBoTooldbox is the robotoolbox package - it allows you to pull your data directly from KoBo rather than exporting to excel first, and seems very promising!

Hope this helps