Interactive tutorials are awesome!

Hello! I’m an FETP fellow trying to learn R on my own. The self-paced tutorials are awesome. I’ve tried other resources before (a few Coursera courses) but I have learned quicker with the 4 tutorials here. Looking forward to the 5th tutorial coming out (Data visualization for public health).

As feedback, maybe an R script could be downloadable at the end of each tutorial so we could easily apply the code to our own analysis in the future.



Hello and welcome to Applied Epi Community! Thank you for this feedback - excellent idea. We will try to get this feature added soon to the tutorials.

Which FETP are you with? Very glad to hear that the tutorials have been useful.


Hi Neale! I’m from Philippines FETP. We are currently taught Excel and Epi Info here. However, I wanted to learn R too for the advanced visualization, dashboard and automated reports which I find useful for routine surveillance work.