Good reference for time series analysis in epidemiology

Hello, everyone! I’ve found journal articles on various applications of time series for epidemiologic data, but I’d like to ask for recommendations on books or websites that goes into more detail/foundation on time series analysis specifically on epidemiology. The references that I have found so far were mostly econometrics-focused.

Thank you!

Hi @iancgmd try the references at the bottom of the Epi R Handbook time series chapter

And work by Michael Hoehle who created the surveillance package

And @aspina or @richardaubrey.white may have other recommendations

What analysis are you working on?

yea the ones in the handbook are probably best for understanding concepts. Michael hoehles papers are good too (the package vignettes) but only for outbreak detection really.
The two best books that I found when starting out were Robb Hyndmans stuff (despite being economics all of it can be applied directly to epi). And the springer book on timeseries with application in R - this is expensive now but there was a period where all of their material was free to download during covid, so I imagine there are still copies kicking about the internet.

If there is something specific you are looking for Ian let me know and can try point you in right direction…

Hi @neale and @aspina , thank you for responding. I’m just trying to work through the time series chapter in the handbook and I just wanted to understand more the underlying principles and background on ARIMA and other approaches to time series analysis. I am starting to read Hyndman’s book and it’s quite a good resource.


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