EpiInfo vs R. Why R


R is a very complex and difficult application to learn. I have done a lot of my daily work with EpiInfo or Epidat. I have even done routine reports with EpiInfo…

So why jump to R? If it is much more complex to use. I would like you to convince me, many people recommend it to me, but I am not sure about it.

I look forward to hearing your opinions. Thank you in advance

Hello epiinfoer

I liked very much Epiinfo in the past (or EpiData later). I agree with you that EpiInfo was easy to use, its interactive handling is very simple. Although it is very simple in the basics. If you want to do complex things, you have to program them. And, once you are an expert, the possibilities to grow with it are quite limited. It is less and less used and you find less and less people who can help you.

I also agree with you that R is not easy to learn. Although every time there are additions that simplify its use. I sincerely believe that it is worth the effort to start with the basics of R and then grow and learn as you need things.

The community of R users is huge and more and more epidemiologists are using it in their daily work. It is easy to get help or code snippets that you can adapt to your needs.

You can even generate complex reports with tables, graphs and maps. And run these reports periodically, when you update the data. If you have already programmed a report with EpiInfo, you will see the power of Rmarkdown and the possibilities of disseminating dashboards with shiny.

I hope I have convinced you