Entering the field of genomic epidemiology


I’m wondering if anyone has advice for someone with a more traditional epidemiology background looking to break into the genomic epidemiology field. Are there any resources, certifications, etc. that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!

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Dear @machupovirus

One of the good resources to start by this course from Coursera titled Genetic Epidemiology Foundations. Very interesting and will put you on the road.

Also, Genetic Epidemiology is a very good textbook I have come across that will walk you from the traditional epidemiology to genetic epidemiology.


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I highly recommend the following two resources: An applied genomic epidemiological handbook. (alliblk.github.io) and the CDC’s Genomic Epidemiology Toolkit (COVID-19 Genomic Epidemiology Toolkit | Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) | CDC)

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Hi Tim.,

You may want to look into medical science (medical microbiology), molecular biology, bioinformatics, and classical epidemiology courses and certifications.


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