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E.g. Excel, Python, Julia, DHIS2, ODK, GoData, Kobo, QGIS, RedCap…

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This category can be used to post questions about software other than R. For example, Excel, Python, Julia, DHIS2, etc.

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If one particular software (e.g. Python, or Julia) has many posts, we may move it to its own category.

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Please be aware that many of these other software have their own help forums. Nevertheless, if your question specifically relates to use of the software for applied epidemiology and public health you may find this audience able to answer your question.

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I know how to deploy RedCap on Azure Webserver. If anyone needs help, kindly drop me a pm

Hi Luong, this is very kind of you to offer to the community. Can you please post this in a new topic, instead of as a reply to the “About this category” post? Thanks!