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Hello everyone!

I’m going through the {sitrep} package and I noted some differences with defining the current epi week. In the r4epis.netlify.app guide, the reporting week was set with the aweek package:

aweek::date2week(“2017-04-27”) # Ask for the epi week of this date

reporting_week ← aweek::as.aweek(“2017-W16”) # Set reporting_week as last complete epi week

While with the vignette on github as well as the template when the {sitrep} package is installed, it makes use of the tsibble package:

reporting_date ← ymd(“2018-04-23”)

reporting_week ← tsibble::yearweek(reporting_date, 1)

Is there a method which is more “up to date”? Or is either way sufficient for the purpose?


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Hi Ian, in our courses we are moving away from {aweek} and towards {tsibble} for producing epiweeks in the format YYYY-Www. {aweek} still works but we find that {tsibble} is more maintained and is also used for time series analysis.

FYI @aspina


Thank you for the clarification, Neale!

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